Really like the Waves? Learn the Best Way of Capturing Them from the Water and Things Top DSLR Accessories to Utilize

Every photo opportunity needs the best gear as well as the top DSLR accessories in order to get the highest possible quality of an image. The results of the shoot could be breathtaking and will stir the correct emotions in people. And this is exactly what you plan for in each photograph you take.

And when we talk about breathtaking pictures, images of people surfing and riding on majestic waves are tough to beat. Only looking at top photos showing this exhilarating sport is enough to give viewers a rush of adrenaline.

But how can you capture amazing quality images of surfers and the waves when you're on water? What equipment and DSLR camera holder for video in case you use?

Allow this article answer your questions.

Best Gear and Accessories for Capturing Surfing Images

Shooting waves whenever you're in the water will not require the assistance of a quick-release camera tripod mount. However, this kind of photography shoot definitely needs specialized equipment.
Here are some camera recommendations from professional photographers:

Sony Alpha A6500
Canon EOS 1DX
Canon EOS 5DSR
Nikon D4

In Terms of the accessories, it is advised that you have them:

A 50mm lens -- allows you capture more details, as well as reflections and shapes of waves.

Fisheye lens -- the go-to lens for shooting waves.

Pistol grip -- assists you hold the camera in position.

Surf housing -- protects your camera underwater, and most notably from the significant impact caused by the lip of a wave.

How to Shoot Waves from the Water

When there are an infinite number of subjects that a photographer can choose, surfing is one that's a feast for their eyes also offers countless opportunities for outstanding pictures. And they are not afraid to get in the water to get these images.

Tips for Getting Great Surfing Shots in the Water
Protect your camera and use a surf water housing (be certain it is the most suitable one for your own camera, as well as a pistol grip. A leash can also be handy so that you won't lose your camera in more info heavy waves.

While using the fisheye lens, then turn off the auto focus. Utilize a hyperfocal distance way of focus and keep your foreground sharp.

Set your camera in these settings before you get it into its home:

ISO: 400 or Auto ISO

Aperture: f/8 or f/11

Shutter Speed: minimum

Last, but above all, stay secure. You need to be a powerful swimmer and are appropriate for the job.

If you want to catch the very best of what the waves have to provide, simply follow the tips herein. You won't want your Canon DSLR camera tripod for it, but you'll definitely receive a chance at capturing the shot of a life.

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